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The Iranian Canadian Builders’ Association (ICBA) has always tried in its professional activities to employ the latest and most up-to-date technologies and tools to promote its ideas and plans. ICBA intends to utilize print media in the best possible method and quality to publish the latest information, news, and analyses in the field of construction and architecture in Canada. This Journal is one of the most specialized and comprehensive journals in the area of construction, architecture, interior design and, generally speaking, building industry in Canada dealing with diverse topics in English and Farsi. The contents of this Journal are chosen in such a manner that they cover all aspects of the building industry. Information on the latest projects, products, technologies, construction market news, training, dialogue, reports, and analyses are the most important topics included in this Journal. Likewise, ICBA’s technical and specialty Journal offers advertisers the opportunity of marketing and advertising. Its readers, irrespective of the fact that they can bring their views, proposals, products, and services to the attention of the members of the construction industry, without an intermediary, also enjoy the opportunity to have their stories published in their name in the Journal as articles

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Advertising in the Journal

Fall 2019 Issue

ICBA Journal, in line with the Association’s objectives, accepts commercial ads from companies involved in building construction and related businesses. Those interested in presenting their advertising notices for the summer edition of the Journal may send it to BoldPod Creatives up to the end of October 2019. It should be noted that the advertisements shall be included in the Journal in limited numbers based on the following tariffs for each edition of the Journal. Also, advertising notices are also accepted on an exclusive basis.

For publishing your ad or obtaining information in this respect please contact BoldPod, the designer, printer and distributor of the Journal, by email or by phone (647) 460 4020.


Call for articles

Fall 2019 Issue

Acceptance of Scientific Articles Those interested in presenting their articles (original or by quoting sources) for publication in the fall edition of the Journal may send their work to the Association no later than October 15, 2019. Clearly, the forwarded articles shall be published in the name of its writers after confirmation by the Association. Should the writers wish to include their professional information, it would be considered as advertising the full particulars of which are as follows.

Quantity and Distribution of the Journal

The ICBA’s technical and specialty Journal shall be published in 1,000 copies and will be distributed free-of-charge among builders, specialists and the members of this industry.

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